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It's our Research that really makes the difference!

Our goal is to provide you with legitimate internet-based work at home, work from home  [on or offline], small business, and home-based business opportunities. 

Our site has many free resources to help you become among the elite of the self-employed. We offer no hype -  just real solutions and ideas for those who are serious about working at home.

               Tired of Companies Advertising Work-at-Home scams?
                          We were too! That's why we started...   
                                        " Career Center Site " 

Looking for the BEST Information on Home-based employment?
You have honestly come to the right place.  We are very proud to be able to welcome you to our  website!  

It is our pleasure to tell you about our company Career Job Center and its services."CJC" was established after a well known Telephone Counselor Service folded without informing its brokers until  it was too late,  and as a result that left us and hundreds of our employees without employment.

 We decided to research and find work at home jobs to offer, so that work at home employees or small independent  companies would always have a concrete resource in finding legitimate work or opportunities.  Providing quality research for work-at-home job and  opportunity offers.  Our  Research  Team has checked out thousands of companies and came across quite a few scams. The good news is - though we have learned a lot about researching this field and we've gotten pretty good at it.  Our dedicated research continues each day.  We have been able to find and compile a "select" group of companies that have met our standards to be included in our data base.

With a lot of patience, determination and plenty of hard work [trust us on that one]  we have been able to find out about companies that meet our legitimate research standards of home-based job offers and income opportunities.  

We have compiled all this valuable information into our Work-at-Home Job Information data base - which we are confident is the best of its kind.  Career Job Center is proud to present this quality employment information, designed especially for our members, which is contained in our  work at home, employment, and small business data base.

Our database viewing is strictly for members only. Included in our member area are real jobs, opportunity resources, training links, mega job listings, scam reports, weekly job up-dates 365 days a year.

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There are a lot of very helpful job / database services  that offer memberships, but the fees are so expensive the average job seeker cannot afford it without first obtaining a job! .Free Job searches have too many applicants applying for the same job & limits your position in being hired. Remember you are not paying for employment,  only the resources.   We recognize  that & set our membership fee [which is the lowest in the industry] to a very low  $12.99 registration fee & thereafter $12.99  monthly subscription fee & you may cancel at any time]. Which makes joining attainable for the job seeker. Our site is set for Serious Job seekers only.. 

These are "no-fee" jobs, employers who are offering the jobs are not charging an upfront fee for information,training, job tools or software needed for the job. The charge is  for  staff & research.  

We also hire Members for employment. Contact Member Support & inquire about our open postions.

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